austin & kendyl

Austin and Kendyl...what a blast! You may remember Austin from the Bryan Family...but this time the photo shoot was with his almost-wife. They are getting married in January...and they are all over the planning. I admire those kind of people so much. These two met in college but have been separated all summer doing different things and they seem so happy just to be in each other's presence. I think it shows in the pictures...

This little forest had perfect light shining through the trees...we hung out for a few...

Above: We think this one looks a little Twilight...oh no...

Above: every time i look at these i i couldn't help but post them...I gave special instructions on how to make a good looking kiss for photos and Kendyl thought it was so funny...well it kind of was [Sorry Austin]. But the true beauty of the photos is that he kept trying anyway and didn't care that she was laughing in his face!! What a good man! Kendyl is full of can tell when she laughs. It is contagious for sure.


love the colors...

i like this onea natural...they were so easy to photograph.

jeans add?

kendyl has a great smile...and a pretty good serious face, right?

Above: I know it looks like we're in someone's living room, but the reason there is so much natural light is because this was a living room in a "garage." This interior design store just opened by my house and this is the entrance to their is just inside two huge garage/barn doors!

Another one in the outside living room! 


Above: one more from the forest...i forgot!

Kendyl's eyes!! I couldn't decide between the two on the different but both so happy!

Thanks for being so easy and fun! I hope you guys enjoy these!