I am ready to introduce Hunter to the world (or maybe just to my very few blog viewers)!! What a joy to hang out with Hunter and his mom Sherrie! I was thrilled when Sherrie asked me to shoot Hunter's graduation pictures for two reasons...I enjoy teenagers so much--their place in life and their hopeful, yet anxious perspectives on the world, and I hardly ever get to photograph boys...or men...they just aren't as into photos as girls. Hunter was willing to show off his stuff for his mama...what a good kid! He really was a wonderful kid...responsible, hard working, down to earth, prepared, a good driver :), a conversationalist, a bit of a sports dare devil, and a smarty too! Hunter and his family live on a Lake but for the better part of their lives they lived on a farm in South Carolina. He is a farming kind of boy...he is not afraid to get dirty, he enjoys the small things, he is majoring in horticulture next year at college, he wants to grow bamboo, he works at a store called the Farmer's Exchange, and did i mention he is such a hard worker!? Enough out of he is:   

We saw this little joint while we were driving to a different location and Hunter pulled us right over to check it out...the man who it belonged to came to work while we were there and he didn't mind at all that we were admiring and thank you to the owner of the hay house.     


above: this was taken off the end of the dock at Hunter's house...they have boats and even a bit of a beach next door...

 I also got to witness a few of Hunter's other talents...dirt bike riding is one of them. check out the sky was the weirdest day of skies ever- gray then blue then white then sun...a photographer's nightmare :)

above is hunter playing the drums...yet another talent.

hey little dixie! dixie got dropped off at Hunter's house by an unknown dog dropper and they kept her!

 like i said...he's pretty cool.

i almost didn't edit this one...and now i think it may be one of my favorites!

 this is at the Farmer's Exchange...Hunter's work. It is one of the few places that still makes their own feed! That's what those machines are in the back. I really like this shot a lot too!

 here are some of the guys that Hunter works with! they were quite the bunch...all so welcoming and kind.

Hunter is going to Clemson next year... 

 peaceful! I hope you guys enjoy these...Hunter, isn't today your 18th birthday? Happy Birthday!!!