john and diana engagements

I got to shoot john and diana's engagements this weekend and you may recognize the locations...i liked last weeks so much that i used them again!! the crazy thing is that they had such a different feel doing a couple vs doing a family...i didn't even feel like i was in the same places! john and diana have that wonderful couple thing going on, where their personalities are MADE for each other. They just work together...diana is so fun and easy going [don't get me wrong john is fun too] and john is her perfect match...a little more calculating than her but in love with her personality--you can tell from a mile away [john don't kill me for that]! here they are:

i like how you can tell he's smirking back there [above]

the looks on their faces here are perfect!

diana!! you look beautiful here!

 i think this is my favorite from the session [above]

i like this one a lot too [above]..diana's eyes--i didn't help them be that blue...just the same editing as the rest of the photo!

 this one is so romantic...sheesh! it feels like "caught ya"

 i shot this one from the other angle too...through the trees but for some reason i thought this one had something special going on...i like the fact that the two trees are growing together right behind their hands. over-analysis?

i thought this was such a good one of john.

these two-above and below-are the same thing but from different angles and i just couldn't decide which i liked better!

i love this last one...her arm and her dress make it. thanks you guys for being fun! i can't wait for your wedding!