happy father's day brett!

Here's to dads all over the place but especially to one dad that's in for a treat! Brett, your wonderful wife and cutie-pants kids wanted to surprise you for being a great dad so they gave you the gift of a lifetime: their smiley faces! Instead of cheese, we kept having Elijah and Lawson say things like, "dad's great" or, "we love daddy." I'm not sure if they really knew why they were saying that but it spoke volumes about how much they love you...the faces that came with it were priceless.

Brett, recognize the shnazzy shoes and ties?

sally and i need a tie tying lesson :)

 cutie! both the boys think sally is so funny...because she is...but check out these laughs she gets!!

 Don't let him fool ya, he was loving the dress up.

i love this one [above]!!

Sally is such a cool mom...Lawson, and Elijah are so lucky. She actually had a black eye during the shoot that she sustained while playing with Elijah but she didn't even mind [and hopefully we covered it up pretty good]! Just another day to her! She is so easy going..and so happy! I love being around her and i bet you do to Brett! I have done one other shoot with the Loftis family [including Brett] a while ago and they were equally as much fun!

this is one of my favorites from the session for sure!

this face was induced by the great Kate! she was the world's greatest helper during the shoot!


i think this might be my favorite one! i love all of it...


This action shot is a perfect display of Elijah's personality! Ok, below you will find a little series of shots...that we initially thought were going to contain an ice cream fest but we ended up at Baskin Robins which is attached to Dunkin Donuts and Elijah was all about the sprinkle donuts--a man after my own heart! After he finished the donut he told us it wasn't very good and because of that he also needed an ice cream...but i think the pictures are proof that it was a pretty good donut:

He did steal a little taste of mom's bubble gum ice cream though--another reason sally is so fun!

 like i said...she's a riot! BRETT, Happy Father's Day! I hope you enjoy! You have a wonderful family!!