the mac kinnon family

The Mac Kinnon family was such a blast...I loved spending some of my Saturday with them! They are adorable...let me start by showing you:     

Look at them! There are so many reasons why they were so wonderful to work with...beginning with Maura--far left...the mom :) Maura was standing outside of her car telling me how she told all the kids to pick their favorite outfits and just get comfortable and be "themselves." I love her for that!!! Look how cute it looks too! So, a little tip for anyone having family portraits...don't match too much. Just enough to make it look like you belong together! I love all the color and personality that it brings by allowing everyone to be who they really are! And the great thing is that the Mac Kinnon family had so many different personalities...they are all unique!! Here are all the cuties:

Blayne is on the top left...he's 18 and is graduating in a few weeks and is the world's greatest big brother!! He was helpful and sweet to his siblings and his mom and dad raved about him. I kinda wish i had a brother and it could be him. The little boys have a wonderful role model in their older brother...and their dad too! Liam is on the bottom left...he's 5 and Patrick on the top right is 4. They're little buddies...and they are so full of life and smiles. The whole family was so fun and happy. Caleigh just turned 9 and obviously she is on the bottom right. She was a photgrapher's dream...she is so photogenic and just a natural at posing...some people just have it! Check out her baby blues!

front view... 

back view...I LOVE this one!

Billy...i hope you find some you like!! He [dad] told me he is just not a picture guy...i think he looks like he is workin' it here!

this is another favorite [above]! They are adorable..i love that they are so close in age...i bet that is so fun, always having a play buddy!

they're so cute!

 this was't posed...well i told them to look at me but then Billy and Maura were really telling each other something and i love it that way. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful they were at being parents. Their kids were so well behaved and they listened...and didn't whine...and didn't even really have to be bribed! They keep em' in line!!

blayne! check out those eyes!

 cutie man...

 i like this one a lot! this is a tribute to moms and dads. Maura said that her and Billy haven't done pictures since they got married!!


 i love feet shots...i think it's because it feels so rules!

i love this whole cracks me up...they were all laughing so much and the pyramid was their idea! my favorite is below: are so pretty!

the girls! you guys look so pretty!

 there were so many cute ones of Caleigh, i had the hardest time picking!

check out Liam's interpretation [below] of the picture above... 



WOOO!!! i love Patrick's face...he's so cute that it doesn't matter if his feet are in the air!

 the graduate...i like this one of Blayne a lot.

Maura..this one's for you :) I hope you guys like some! All of you were such a breath of fresh air...thank you!