a cup of tea with Venkat...

I got a call from Venkat last week and he was in need of emergency pictures! He and his wife have a beautiful, wide eyed 2 month old baby boy but he also had his parents and his wife's parents in town all the way from INDIA! They made last minute plans to travel home and he wanted them in the picutures so we made some quick arrangements to make it happen! His parents and his in-laws were so kind to me...they made me tea the way they drink it in India--with some special spices...and lots of milk. Venkat told me a bit about growing up India and their culture...i would love to see for myself one day :) Meet his wonderful family:

 the baby had such soft, smooth skin...and huge eyes. I love big eyes. i think on the left he is trying to decide about taking on a thumb-sucking habit and i love his face on the right--that little tongue.

i could've taken a million of just the dresses! all the woman had beautiful clothing...

[above] i think this is one of my favorites...i don't even know. i keep going back to look at it--i think it might be the perspective and the colors...or just a mystery.

 the toes and the dress...what better combo? i took so many of his feet--i had to start limiting myself.

the rest of their bodies :)

 i really like this one [above]. the faces...the dresses, the baby's eyes

i think here is saying "i just wanna go to sleep...eh?"

 and then he followed through with it! He went right to sleep and then his mom was laughing and he started laughing in his sleep! I love how babies do that, it's so funny!

so peaceful!

 stretchy face

i think this is another favorite [above] i just like the face and all the light...

 i just thought this perspective was interesting

 this one above was NOT POSED...they were really checking out the baby with that much excitement! i love it!


one more toe shot!!!


another favorite [above]

how funny is this one above with all the hands and the doll...this wasn't posed. everyone was trying to entertain and he bursted into tears...poor little man!

this one is so average. nothing special about the photo but i just thought that was one of his cutest faces so i couldn't resist!

a little love from pops! i hope you guys like some! I enjoyed all of you so much!