a light spirit

I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful family this weekend to capture the life of their family. It was an adventure...as it always is with me. Corinne and her husband were married at a campground in Monroe and wanted to have family portraits done in the same location...so i checked out the website and copied an address that i saw on the site, plugged it into googlemaps and headed on my merry way. It wasn't until the address landed me in someone's driveway that i realized i must have it wrong...I called Corinne and she set me straight but her sweet family had to wait for me for 30 minutes!! Sorry you guys! They were so kind about it though...and a joy to photograph. The three kids are so full of life and i named the post "a light spirit" because i love how being with little kids reminds me of what is important and ligthens my load just a bit. Meet their beautiful family...I hope the pictures lighten your load too!

this is Cora...

 this is sara...both the girls have beautiful eyes...so different and both adorable


here is the big brother: Noah!

Noah! what a little sweet thang! This is one of my favorites...from the session...and all time.

 Corinne was so well-prepared for the shoot...she brought outfit changes in case, bubbles that were clearly a hit, a bean bag for the baby to be propped up inside of...and tons of smiles. take notes!

Cora was so funny...she just thought she was playing and several times i think she questioned my involvement in the play session...it created tons of cute candids though! i love this one [above]

here are a few more of her wonderful faces [above]...she's so animated! i love the one on the bottom right.

i love the one above...sara was such an easy baby...so smiley and content.

i just want to squeeze her!

 that little flower was so great...i couldnt help taking pictures of it.

one more of cora swingin...

 a few shots with the grandparents who were so helpful with entertaining and making smiles...

the MINUTE we quit snapping pictures with the grandparents sara decided she was done posing and fell asleep in her dad's arms. I love how babies do that...so peaceful and content. You guys were so fun. thanks! I hope you enjoy!