In the middle of last week I got a huge delivery on my doorstep...I knew it was coming because UPS sent me an email to tell me [which i hated because i prefer the surprise...driving up to the door to see if it's there yet] but even so, i was so excited about opening it! It was a huge box for the humble contents...after i finished swimming through half of the mint green, squeeky little peanuts i found a shiny black box topped with a white bow.

About two weeks ago I completed a 6 or 7 week journey of designing a sample album in my spare time. I was so excited about flipping through the pages and holding them in my hand because all of the design begins on a blank photoshop document and when i submitted "page22.jpg" i was trying so hard to think of what the pages would look like once the printer breathed life into them! The company is called Forbeyon.

They did a wonderful classy, clean...and big! I chose to do an 11x14 for my first sample album...and somehow in my head it was so much smaller but I love how big it is. It kind of commands people to look at it. I had fun teaching myself [on-line tutorials...] how to do some new design stuff but the beauty of the album is that it is just a container for the life that is in the much of the beauty comes from the fun and love shared in the photographs. After working on the inside, there were 29834729387234 choices for the outside of the album...and the binding, and the color, and the photo paper...ay yi yi. Check it out:

It's really fun getting to choose and then it's also really overwhelming for someone like me who loves to love everything. I clicked a different material for the outside and then went back and changed it at least 8 times. So here is what i ended up with:

 i love that picture on the cover...amy and chris, you guys are great...

There are tons of options as far as the way an album is bound. Forbeyon offers "flushmount" and "perfect bound." The example you are seeing in these images is flushmount. The difference is in the way that the very middle of each page is displayed. You can see a faint line on the image below where the binding is but the beauty of a "flushmount" album is that you don't lose any of the image in the crack.


The spine is flat...allowing you to open the book all the way to see everything! The perfect bound books look beautiful with more options for creativity on the outside of the album. I will order a sample soon...they look more like a regular hardcover book with a spine like a magazine, and thinner pages than the flushmount. They are a little more affordable, but still beautiful! Here are a few more pictures of the inside:

If you click on the "I want to take your pictures" tab at the top of this page you will see that albums are offered in two of the wedding packages. This is what your album would look like...excpet with you inside! Albums aren't just for brides and grooms can order one with your family photos in it for the coffee table, or you can order an album of your engagement pictures with lightened images and some white space to use as a guest book at your wedding. Let me know if you are interested! There is no way that anyone else enjoys looking at close ups of album spines as much as myself...unless you're a photographer...but i hope you've enjoyed somewhat!