it's a jungle out there...

This weekend was prom! No, i didn't go...although i do like to bust a move. Since my full time job is in youth ministry I happen to know some wonderful high schoolers. I truly think the world of them--so full of life and creativity. Teenagers always get a bad rap but if the world knew the ones i know, i think they'd change their minds. We live in a world full of confusion and these teenagers wake up every day and committ to a life of self sacrifice...loving people in the name of's a beautiful thing. I wish everyone could witness it--it would change you! So here they are...lookin' shhhnazzy.   


i'm a big fan of these two [above]


work it steph! i love that light kind of behind soft. 

 james' tux got lost at the dry cleaners and he bought this suit hours before prom...poor little guy.

 mags [in the middle] has such a fun laugh and smile...

   i love the long shadows in this one...and they just look like magazine models!

it's a jungle alright...


i did james' senior pictures and that was when i figured out that his eyes and his hair are the same color...AND red hair photographs so well...not too light to get over exposed but not so dark it loses its detail.

  I loved doing this little photo shoot...thanks for being great you guys!