The lovely Duzans

What a family! I don't think there is any way my description can do them justice...I don't think that Edgar Allen Poe's description could do them justice. They are one of a kind. Tom and Tammy are wonderful, dedicated parents but they are much more than parents. They have beautiful hearts full of service and selflessness...they would no anything for anyone--strangers too--and they do! They are both so humble and comfortable with themselves and anyone who comes in their home, or really in their presence, feels it. They are both creative and so willing...which makes for wonderful pictures! We hung out down town and at the neighborhood park; which is their stomping grounds--and mine too--we're neighbors! So here's to the Duzans and their playfulness and two of the sweetest little girls on earth!       

meet Kayla and Andraya!

 these two [above and below] are truly Kayla...she is so free...always dancing and loving it!

 and Andraya at her best...she's brave and full of smiles...and always climbing.


 only the duzans! they welcomed this set up!


I LOVE this one...and check out how much height they have!!! 

 Kayla is so adorable...

they got in the fountain downtown!

this is one of my favorite from the session [above]! i love the looks on their faces...

 i love this one too...second favorite!

third favorite [above]! i just love action shots...and the laughter...

 ok i'm done counting favorites...but i love this one too! she's looking in a shiny statue..

BELOW: the following four are a series from the Duzan's front yard...they have the best swing n their front yard...and i couldn't pick my favorite of these:

You guys were so always! I hope you enjoy!