the wonderful gaithers

Ohh the Gaithers!! I had the most wonderful time hanging out with this family on Monday afternoon! Clayton and Caleb are two of the cutest little men ever..and so well behaved!! The Gaithers are the kind of people that everyone wishes was their full of life and so down to earth and genuinely interested in other people. You guys were a joy to be with and i hope you enjoy the pictures!

i love the looks on their faces...

ahhh that hair...and those cheeks...i love it!

 pam you are gorgeous!

the shadows and the shoes...

this is one of my favorites!


another favorite!

 baby toes

everyone at the park was loving th shoes..including me!

 what a happy boy

i love the lines from the bridge


i love pam's face and body inviting and kind..

 the wonder of a child's mind! i loved photographing you was so difficult to pick favorites...i may end up posting a few more soon!