the still point

"Except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance, and there is only the dance." T.S. Elliot. I have been pondering this quote for a lot of days now, wondering about it's meaning. I hope someone that is a poetry scholar reads my blog and tells me but until then i will make my own assessment. I like to think that without a still point--a reference, there is no way to know that you are's like the difference between getting dropped off on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro by a helicopter and marveling at the miles of mountains you can see OR laboring step by step all the way up the treacherous terrain never knowing whether or not you will make it to the top and then finally reaching your destination and weeping at the breath taking beauty before your eyes. You would know that it was a sweet victory because you made the climb. You know about the beauty of the top because you came from the bottom. I like to think T.S. is saying that without the stillness there is no movement, without heartbreak there is no bliss, without failure there is no victory, without broken there is no fixed. I love his point...

I used that quote on a card for my wonderful friend Jennifer's birthday [three weeks ago now, i've been so lame about posting] and since then I couldn't stop thinking about it. Birthdays are definitely a still point...they make you realize how much you've life you've lived...or haven't lived. In Jennifer's case she is a "liver." She is such a joy to be around--an optimist, a hard worker, a thinker, and such a strong friend- the kind you can always count on. I usually get the privilege of running with her a couple times a week and she calms some of my storms and keeps me in line :)

Here are a few pics from her birthday:

 i thought it was so cool that her hands made that heart!!

meet jennifer...just feel the fun!

 jennifer and matt [matt is another favorite friend of all time]. i like the conversation being had with eyes here...

Happy Birth Jennifer...I'm so glad you're you!!