a family affair...

Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful Loftis family. They are good lookin' people but more than that they have beautiful souls. How can one family have so much fun in it? Brett and Sally are some of the most unique and brilliant people I know...two dynamic personalities...which explains the explosion of fun that their two children display. Elijah is the older son...full of expression and passion. He is the kind of kid who i know will grow up to build schools for poor children or be a modern day Willy Wonka. He is intense and confident and wonderful. Lawson is the sweetest little cutie man...so content and willing and he lets Elijah tell him whats up all the time. Brett and Sally have that perplexing parent thing going on where they manage the chaos without sucking the fun out...it's a class act. I loved spending the afternoon with them at the park...check it out: 

 look at those cheeks!


i love this one...this is the wonder of the wide angle. I was using the new 24 mm on this shot. You wouldn;t know this but i was about 2 feet away from Elijah!!! Typically, i would have to be 15 feet away to get so much area around his noggin. The nice part is that since you are so close you don't have to compromise the focus on the subject... 

just a little help from dad

 As i am adding pictures i am realzing how many i love...so warning: this post may go on for a little while...

check out those baby blues!!! i just wanna squeeze him!! 

 i love these two--the fingers, the expression, the sun...way to work it little man.

this was the expression that followed, "we have chocolate ice cream at home!" So expressive.

 this is a whole little series of wrestling with dad


their two hands are the exact same in this one...life father, like son

a new all time favorite above.

time to refuel--those tiny fingers!

 i love this one too. lawson's little eye balls checking for mom...

look at lawson's hand over there squeezing


i love this one [above] but there were so many fun ones that truly reveal the character of this family...see below:

 top left cracks me up.


haha i love it.

ok pick your favorite here...i was going to make a collage but i thought they were all so sweet, i wanted to leave them full size!

 help!! aww lawson. so cute.


i think this is a record for my longest post ever!! i just loved these guys! hope you guys enjoyed!