wide load...

Today was the day...I was like a little kid that has peaked underneath the blanket in the garage and knows she's getting a purple, banana seat, care bears bike on her birthday. I woke up this morning at 7:10 am, which i always do on Saturdays. I love the mornings more than most people, but come on...7 am on Saturday...ALWAYS!! I guess I'm becoming a grandma...well i did turn 25 this past week! I guess in honor of my birth i bought myself a new lens that I knew [well i hoped a lot] was being delivered this morning and I was sooooo excited--I think some of the excitement was enhanced, kind of on steroids, because i am a "pleasure delayer." I have been saying "i am buying a wide angle lens this week," for months! I have added it to my cart and taken myself to the chek out page and typed in a credit card number...and then moved my mouse over to the red box with an X in it and closed the page!!! I am a pleasure delayer, what can i say? I always think i don't NEED it...and there is some emotion you experience [i don't think it has a name] when you CAN have something but you choose to not. But honestly, let me not get crazy-- i still don't NEED this lens but i am so excited to have it!!! Enough with the nonsense...here it is:

busting open the box...so this pic is still with my 50 mm and so is the one below.

 yeahhhh!! there it is!!!

this is the second picture taken with the new lens...and is was barely a foot away!!! for non-photo geeks..the lower the millimeters the wider the view. I have been shooting almost exclusively with a 50 mm f/1.8...this is 24 mm f/1.4 which means the background will be blurrier and i can still shoot in low light without a flash! yeahh..thanks Canon!