antsy pants

Mondays are my beloved day off. I work on Sundays so on Monday when everyone is busting out the door to start the week...i am drinking coffee and enjoying hours of reading or hanging out at the laundry mat or thrift store shopping or walking around the park or posting pictures. Yesterday's holiday included a competitive, half-game of scrabble that I lost--barely! I was so antsy to take pictures because I was out of town this past weekend at a youth retreat and I didn't bring my scrabble and I had a photo session. I wanted to make a new banner image for the site and I like to think it was successful but here are a couple others from the shoot:

above and below are the same...just processed differently...i couldn't decide :o)

If you never play scrabble you should really's so relaxing yet stimulating...and it forces you to be creative. It was a nice experience photographing still life but i look forward to photographing people this weekend!! I think the interaction with the people is half the reason I do it...