friday the 13th...

Friday the 13th was hardly has been beautiful in Charlotte all week...barely 65 and sunny and breezy. I wish it would stay like this forever--but it was raining this morning when i woke up..and we knew it was coming so yesterday Malorie and Brooke and I headed out for a little sunny adventure. Mal and Brooke are sisters, four years apart, i think [sorry if i'm wrong you two]. They have something special goin' on. They are so spirited, smiley, wonderful...but you can tell that they are both their own person. They have some sister chemistry in a serious way--they get along so well and i could tell how much they enjoy each others' company--the way it should be! You can tell by their photo shoot too...see for yourself:

 mal on the left, brooke on the right. fun all over the place.

so cute..

still basking in the freedom of the 24 mm!! i love how much of the surroundings you can capture!

i love these two so much--above and below.

work it mal!! i didn't even notice the crumbled brick on the ground until i was editing--i was glad.

 above is a new all time favorite...beautiful mal!

brooke's smile is so innocent and inviting. it makes you want to be her friend...well at least it makes me...

that sun was a pleasant little surprise in the brooke sat in it pleasantly..and created one of my new favorite pictures...i love it! 

i love this one! i'm saying that about all of them..but seriously..check out the intense. and i love the blowy hair!

this place was so weird but we brought the love to spice it up.

another favorite...

that chair and those flowers are decor from my little house...but that chair has some serious history..i was babying it. i think it was my grandpa's but my mom thought my house needed it more than hers..i love it. thanks mom!

a little hippie...i love that skirt!

dancing in the moonlight..only it was sunlight..and check out that building in the background. 

haha..the faces are so fun.

 at first i was mad that i cut off mal's head and then i started loving it...


i'm so glad i have a sister! mal and brooke, hope you enjoy! thanks for being crazy hippies.