mia in a box part II

I was scheduled to shoot the McVicker family this past Saturday to capture Mia being sis months old...it was cold and rainy so we decided to do half the shoot now for Christmas cards and half the shoot later to commemorate Mia's half birthday. We went to the Ballantyne Resort because we heard they were decked out for Christmas...and we heard right. The place is crazy!! A couple of trees, some soldier boys, North Pole with a big chair for Santa...although we didn't get to see Santa. Towards the end we stuck Mia in box so she could be a Christmas present and I was having flashbacks. We stuck her in a box during her last shoot right after she was born. Some things never change... 

i love her in this one.

   here she is hanging out with some of her soldier friends in the snow...i love that she has some snow on her head.

just a little taste of snow

 she's like a little doll in the one above. I didn't know they made tights with built in shoes for babies who don't care for shoes. Mia is a free woman.


Merry Christmas you guys! See you soon for round two!