the goff family

The coffee shop whose internet I am using right now is about to I just gave myself the challenge of making a post in record time. I hope it can be done because Susanna is making her debut and I don't want it to be half done! The Goff family could not have been more wonderful. Susanna is only 14 weeks old and she didn't just sleep and eat! I couldn't believe it! She was awake and not crying or eating or sleeping for an hour and a hard feelings to the rest of the normal babies who do those things but Susanna decided she's matured past that :) Sarah and Gideon made it so easy for me to just snap away! We got some Christmas shots in the candy cane tights and some others that I hope you like!  

 I love the one on the right. It needs a thought bubble..."why did you prop me up like this when I can't control my head?"

there wasn't much convincing happening here...usually there is a cookie monster puppet happening right over my head or jingle bells appearing all around me to get the baby's attention. Susanna just loves the camera! 

i really like this one above.

then we headed outside...I love the light in this next series...and how happy and easy going they feel. 

she really could not be any cuter.

 i like this...

but i love this! Sarah, you look so pretty!

I can't stand how cute she is in these two. they're so the same but those eyebrows just gave the right one a different feel. i couldn't resist!

 i saved the best for last! This is one of my new favorites...i mean all time favorites! I hope you guys enjoy these...even a 1/10 of how much you enjoy being parents!