compassion party

A couple of months ago I got my world turned upside down. I didn't realize I was in for it but I showed up at a massive conference center in Atlanta with another minister from my church to scope out The Catalyst Conference. There were twelve thousand other people there volunteering to get slapped around. Well maybe they don't view it like that...but I kind of think any instruction or encouragement that is worth listening to is going to set you straight...make you think about where your life is...maybe give you a little kick in the pants. I like it that way. I wish at least one day a week was reserved for this kind of vision casting and inspiration. There were many wonderful speakers there. Matt Chandler is one of my favorites...I listen to his podcast sometimes and he always riles me up. If you want to be really challenged to consider some things, I dare you to check him out--especially if you wouldn't normally listen to a preacher or anything churchy...this guy may change your mind. I think he opens the door to this way of life that Christians should have been living all along...he has no tolerance for hypocricy and half-heartedness [is that a word?]. one asked for a sermon from me. What I really wanted to say is this: towards the end of the three days a representative from Compassion International took the stage and orchestrated this beautiful first-time meeting of a 20 year old man from a third world country and his almost life-long sponsor. Compassion is an organization that matches up needy kids with sponsors. $30 a month for food, water, pretty much. After this heart warming thing took place on stage they proceeded to pass out an envelope to every person in the colliseum. 12,000 people grabbed an envelope out of this basket and opened it up to find a crisp ten dollar bill and a few instructions: 1. figure out what talent or gift you have 2. use it to turn this $10 into $100 3. send the money back to Compassion International to help feed people that otherwise may not eat.

A little risky, giving out $10 bills to people who you have no clue about. You know some guy was wishing he had cash for the vending machine all day and went upstairs and bought a coke and some m and m's! But the idea is that if everyone did this, Compassion International would have 1,200,000 to feed people. Brad and I brought our money back and hoped to inspire our teenagers the way we had been inspired. We gave them $20 and told them to come up with some way to make it into $200. They brainstormed karaoke, dodgeball tournament, bake sale, festival and in the end they rolled it all together for one huge party. They sold tickets to the event and we helped them get food and supplies donated so that all the proceeds could go to the cause. Let me show you what they created:

dodgeball tournament...

a ROWDY game of musical chairs

How's this for caught in the act? This is the last round of this dangerous musical chairs endevour. Left side: incriminating evidence. Right side: cackling at his dirty play.

 i dont know what this was all about...i just liked it.

however, i do know what this is all about...a little photoshoot love.

 i think he's saying, "if you don't bob for donuts you're gonna be sorry."

whipped cream pie eating contest champion...

$430. They raised $430!! They used the stuff they knew...their own simple way of creating fun [and charging a tiny fee] to spread the love. I love it.