the miller family

Woah...this is how I know I'm an adult...Kevin and I bought a house last month! When I was about to start this post with that line, I felt like I was faking it...because I still can't believe I'm old enough to own a house...with another person...that I'm gonna marry. Weird. Kevin and I talked about maybe looking at houses for about six months before we actually started to and during that six months I heard about Jill a couple times. Kevin told me he was going to ask Jill to be our realtor because she had come on a hiking trip through the Grand Canyon with her husband and some of Kevin's other co-workers years ago and she was wonderful. He told me that she bandaged strangers feet every day on the trip with a smile plastered on her face. He said if she was that attentive and selfless to stranger's sweaty, blistery feet [forgive me] that she must be a great realtor. I am so so so happy that I got to meet Jill. She was a wonderful realtor and if you live in Charlotte and are ever going to buy or sell a want Jill, trust me--she means business but in such an endearing way. Here is her family that I've had the priviledge of hanging out with a few times:

i want to be in their family? they are so fun! I was standing on their deck up above them...they scooted the tramp closer to me so I could get a few bird's eye shots :)

those guys roaming around in the background are Howard and Lois.

i think you just have to love're not really able to do anything else...she is too happy and crazy [regan, i hope you're not killing me for posting thse]. left side, olan mills pic. right side, trampoline head.

 will's portrait is trampoline head meets olan mills. Will you are such a good sport. I just want everyone to know that during the shoot Will asked me, "What would you do if you were just watching tv and the kool aid man burst through your wall?" He had plenty of other commentary but I won't spoil it because I am hoping one of his lines makes it onto the Christmas or New Years card. This is Lois' portrait on the right [am i right guys? Lois? or Howard?]

i love these...i really couldn't pick which one was the best so that's why I edited 4 that are almost exactly the same...anyone have a favorite?

 haha the dogs...i'm so glad they got in on it!

 john stole the show with those blue eyes. i love this one...but then the next one happened and it was even better...


you guys are so wonderful...this shoot was too short! Round two soon? Merry early Christmas!