lights, website, and prices

I'm about to explode with new information. Last weekend my brain got loaded with tips from the One Light DVD by Zach Arias. The DVD teaches all kinds of information on lighting but the off camera lighting was particularly interesting to me...and kind of new. I usually attach my flash to the top of my camera but I'm excited about being able to try some crazy stuff...more dramatic light and better lighting for wedding receptions. Of course, I had to try it out after watching last Saturday morning.

This was actually a test shot before I actually got the lighting I wanted but I ended up liking how harsh it was with that background. This one was shot at ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/250 second with a 24 mm lens and a Canon 580 EXII flash on manual mode at a 1/4 power. The video is all about getting you comfortbale with adjusting to meet the needs of your surroundings. This was about 1 or 2 PM I think but it didn't really matter because the sky was entirely sun affecting the shot. And actually it started raining on us about two minutes after this and we had to there will be more tests on the way soon!

This one was the same settings as above.

Ok...more on lighting soon hopefully but for now I have other big news: I got a new website! The blog is still sticking around. I actually really love blogging. I think some people think it's a pain and wish it didn't exist but I love a place to share some ideas and get some opinions. I ordered the site through BluDomain and so far really like it! I went to their site every day for about a week to labor over the decision on which layout I liked the most...and then finally ordered it a couple days ago. I have been busy editing it and learning about the world of websites but I hope to launch it in two weeks. We'll see how that goes!

That brings me to this next two weeks my prices are going to go up. If you book a shoot within the next two weeks you will get the current prices posted on the blog under "I want to take your pictures." If you and I have already scheduled a shoot or started talking about prices then your price will remain what I quoted for you...or if you have signed a wedding contract, your prices are locked in as well! Email me if you have any questions or email to schedule a shoot with the current prices!