the kemper family

The Kemper family was great! Two of the cutest twinnies ever...and it's not even because they look the same [well they don't] it was because of the way they interacted. They were so funny with each other...and they LOVED the camera. I think Liam is a model or a photographer in the making. He couldn't get enough! This shoot was so easy going and I loved meeting the Kempers. Check them out: 

this was the case of the missing shoe...look closely :) we were looking everywhere for it and then we finally found it hiding under the tire!

   this was such a little discovery for the boys. I loved watching it! Kristin was telling me that this is the wonder of being a parent. It must be so fun watching this happen all the time!

above or below? I couldn't pick which one...


i love this one of you two!

 this looks so sweet but they were actually trying to feed him grass :)

these are two of my favorites! I LOVE the one on the right!

 This was the only request by the Kempers! They wanted a few shots with the boys' stuffedies [stuffed animals]. They were so funny with them! Kristin what are they called again? the one on the left...two of a kind!

Lollipops! Another discovery for the boys!

I hope you guys enjoy these! You were such a joy to be with!