tillotson family

Ahhh...i love these guys. Nathan is one of my co-workers and he and his cutie family were one of my first victims when I first started shooting over a year ago...I figured there was no way I could mess up their cuteness. I just went back to their session to snatch the link and I couldn't help but critique myself like crazy...so go check them out if you dare :) One of my favorite things about having this blog is getting to write about everyone's uniquness and the wonder of all the people I get to meet...but for the next month or so I am going to be a lady of few words. I have 5 sessions waiting to be edited and posted so the next couple of posts are going to be no non-sense! So here we go: 

could they be any cuter! the boys don't look that alike to me but they are both SOOOOO squeezable!

 Macey you are so pretty...and happy!

there was one sort of like this on their shoot from a year ago...i love that Nathan hasn't thrown in the towel yet on tossing children in the air. Just had to bulk up a little? 

we were at a park for the whole shoot so of course we had to pit stop for a little fun...

 my favorite of Houston

I got to witness Adron [sorry if i spelled that wrong guys] learning how to push himself on the swing for the first time. I guess it's not realy "pushing yourself" it's more like self-propelled swinging. GO ADRON!

 haha...i love him! Macey brought hostess cupcakes [my kind of mom] with crazy candles because both of the boys just had birthdays...actually their birthdays are on the same day!

ahh...houston's little mouth!

 this one? or the one above this? I couldn't pick...

not many people's faces look good this big mace!

Nathan and Macey were talking about how much they love being parents...it leaks out of them! You guys are wonderful! i hope you enjoy these and can make some Christmas card art out of them!