slater family

The Slater family is bursting with personality. The girls are SO CREATIVE! They kept giving me ideas for pictures and they were so happy and easy. They get it from their parents who are both so talented. Tim paints but doesn't call himself a painter...I saw a rainforest room that he painted and it was unbelievable and Laura is a the few hours I was with her I saw a purse, wallet, and change purse that she made--all beautiful, so i asked her for her blog so that anyone reading could check it out and buy some thoughtful christmas presents from her! These guys were so fun to hang out...and so comfortable in their own skin...great news for a photographer!

Amelia :)

...and Caroline. Caroline is a big reader so she brought her favorite book for a few shots!

 who can spot fluffy? fluffy is Amelia's dog that goes everywhere with her so she brought him along to get a little photo love

that was Amelia's version of sad...she is too sweet for sad

 i like this one a lot. Lovely downtown Matthews!

my favorite of the girls!

 Tim grew up on Amelia Street and that's how Amelia became Amelia!

they were so prepared with their props...i loved it

i love this one

 the crazy faces of the slaters!

but i hear this is Amelia's signature face

hope you guys enjoy these! Thanks for being so fun to photograph!