two weekdays

A few months ago Kevin and I invited our parents to come to the mountains and meet each other. We took off two weekdays because we couldn't find a weekend where everyone could make was a beautiful thing--taking off two weekdays. I want to do it more...i'm going to. The mini vacation was full of scrabble, windy [whine-dee] mini-van rides, picnic table lunches, a trip to the hugest candy store i've ever seen! It was so nice to relax and be still a bit. There is so much that you realize about your life when you are still.

this is the wonderful Mast Farm Inn where we stayed for two nights. If you live in Charlotte...actually if you live anywhere...and are looking for a place to be still then this is your place! We love it! It is just 5 or 6 miles outside of Boone...there are great waterfalls and hikes really close & the original Mast General Store is down the road. The family that owns the Inn is so kind and treats you like you live there...and they are great cooks! We stayed in one of their cabins up the hill from the house and i really felt like we were out there all alone. it was so refreshing.

they have tons of wild flowers surrounding the area but even better there is a little garden where they grow most of the stuff they cook with.

 resident horse who beats up on the donkey and eats his carrots.

my dad     

 i love fat crayons and pencils

kevin and his dad engrossed in a mean game of checkers 

glor and tone. this was right before i hiked [through my legs] a bottle cap at my mom and chipped her glasses. good thing she was wearing protective gear but too bad I'm ridiculous. sorry mom!

kev and his dad again. two things: I didn't have any shots that Deb [kevin's mom] was in...but she is a good woman and she plays the dulcimer and sculpts so she may show up on the blog some glamour shots with her dulcimer! AND, look in Kev's grape soda. it's peanuts! that's what people from Alabama's like peanut butter and jelly party in your mouth.

cheers to glor and tone and don and deb....and two good weekdays.