ashley and matt's wedding

Ashley and Matt got married a couple of weekends ago at Roof with a View, an old building in downtown Charlotte with a beautiful view of the skyline. It was a windy Friday but that didn't keep people from venturing out onto the roof...including me! The recpetion and the ceremony were held here and it was a wonderful fit for their personalities. I first started talking to Matt and Ashley about a year ago and she already had big ideas about details and reception ideas. I saw all of her ideas displayed here a year later...way to go looked wonderful. Ok, see for yourself:

 so pretty...

these two flower girls had the best faces and dance moves i've ever seen...everyone needs them in their wedding party!

 Ashley hand painted her shoes!

the view :)

sweet father daughter moment...everyone had to dig out their tissues.

 little man. i followed him around for a while to snag one.

right before this Ashley and Matt pre-inacted their wedding. I have never heard of anyone doing this before but i thought it was brilliant. They wanted to see each other before the ceremony to get some pictures without the stress of wanting to rush to the reception so when they saw each other for the first time they put everyone in their places as if the wedding was happening and she walked down the aisle :) then right after this shot above, ashley's vail blew out of her hair and to the edge of balcony. it got caught on the railing and one of the bridesmaids saved it. ahhh!! it..

two of my favorites from the day: above and below.

downstairs on the way into the wedding.

it was so nice starting the party right after the ceremony. We had already done all the formal pictures and the ceremony and reception happened in the same was smooth...they were introduced five minutes after the ceremony and everyone was right there! no chaos!

matt accidentally shot the garter in front of him the first time and the dj caught it

look at the tiny moon up there on the left! i like this one a lot.

matt got a smashing and then he fed gently to his bride :) Ashley you lucky duck.

 i think this is a cousin? correct me if i'm wrong. he did a solo to "all the single ladies" and he knew ALL of the choreography. everyone was eating it up!

above: middle one's my

 on his feet! one of my favorites from the reception for sure.

happy marriage you two! I hope you have enjoyed your honeymoon!