baby jackson

I loved meeting jackson and his wonderful parents. i haven't spent that much time around 5 day old babies...i couldn't believe how tiny jackson was and how new to the world he was. you can see it all over his little baby face when he'd discover something brand new for his little 5 day old brain. i can tell jackson is going to be a smarty. i think one of the greatest things about doing photography is getting to meet all different people in all different walks of life and this was one of those days where i was so thankful that God let me meet this family on one of my journeys. They were so sweet, welcoming, trusting...and some of the most calm and collected parents i have ever seen [and they have only been parents for 5 days]! I hope I am the kind of parents that they were! Check out the tiny man: tiny and bundled! what a good lookin' family!

 so little!

i really love the one above...even though you can't se jackson's face...i just love how much they love him!

 jackson is a leg scruncher so we had to stick his tiny bootie all the way down by their feet just to get his little toes in the shot...


i like this one a lot too...he was actually in a guitar case...more to come of that.

 this is taylor...the big bro. he wants to know what's up with the baby so bad. he is EVERYWHERE that the family goes...but such a sweet thang.

above is my favorite from the session...i love it...

 such a perfect little bundle.

i love the monkey shots...jackson has a jungle room and this is one of his many friends that inhabit the jungle...just showin a little love! i hope you guys enjoy them. thanks again for being so wonderful and easy going. i feel blessed to have joined jackson on his first few days discovering the world!