courtney and taylor's wedding

Courtney and Taylor are truly some of the most creative, dynamic personalities i know. This sounds like i am recommending them for a job, but truly they are full of ideas, charisma, and talent. The talent leaks out of them. I wrote a bit about Courtney on the last post of her bridals...i don't know why i didn't think of this before but you need to check out her wedding blog...then you can see for yourself how much of the wedding paraphernalia she made with her hands. The wedding had a unique style with tons of fun surprises so I will let you check it out:

Above, top right picture: Courtney sowed that big bunch of blue fluff to go underneath that tiny little dress. just wait for it.

i love the light above

 i love Taylor's face on the left.

above are two of my favorites from the day...although someone did point out that in the one on the right Taylor has on a yamaka...but it's really a hanging light ball :)

courtney's dad walked her down the aisle as Taylor was playing and singing her a song...and then she joined him for a little concert.

Like i said...they bleed talent...they sang songs that THEY WROTE. They played one that the crowd would know so everyone could participate...but the others were songs for them by them...about their love...and the grace of God. It was wonderful.

And then they got married...under the chuppah another unique, hand made surprise. read about it!

another surprise...they ran down the aisle when they first became man and wife!


the band! i'm not sure who wins...sound board boy or drummer boy?

 what you are looking at on the top left is the world's greatest wedding treat. they sent everyone home with a cd of their own music...and it's good!   

face: top left.

a little best man love...

happy wedding you two...may god bless your marriage and come see me soon!