the peanut

Have you noticed the peanut? I "branded" some of the pictures from the previous session with a little red white and green peanut. Red White and Green Photography was in serious need of a logo so Kevin, my main squeeze, hooked me up with this little peanut. The good news is that there are four choices but that is also the bad news becuase i hate making decisions so let me know which color combo is your favorite. I'm not really sure why the peanut...except that I love peanuts and peanut butter...and i especially love the kind that you peel yourself.


for the sake of those that might comment let's call the one on the far left number 1 and the one on the far right number 4 and you can handle the in betweeners. scroll down to the previous post to see one of the peanuts branded on the photo and tell me what you think! happy day!