halstead fam

If you ever check out my blog...then you may recognize Matthew and his mom Kelly...but you've never met the dad Patrick because he's a hard worker and he never gets a Sunday off. This past Sunday was an acception--so we took advantage of it! They are a wonderful family and Matthew gives the best hugs of any little boy I know! Don't be fooled by our snowy adventure; we went to a Christmas tree farm (it is usually a parking lot) and they were spraying that fake snow all over some of the trees for people who were purchasing them. We happened to get a few lucky shots in the snow but I was wishing they would have blown some all over us for one...no luck! Check them out: 


look at that little belly!!

 above is one of my favorites...i love the way kelly is standing...

those baby blues!

 i really like this one too. Matthew's expression is so sweet.


i like the light here...dark was threatening...


 the shadow! I love it.

his little fingers are so cute (above)

 i just recently learned that this is called the golden hour...right before the sun goes down!! It is such soft light...perfect for mama and her baby! I hope you guys like them!