harra & tony's engagements

Harra and Tony live in Tampa now, but happened to be visiting Orlando during the holidays--like myself--so we scheduled this session in between all the Christmas craziness! They are getting married next year and they are each so unique and interesting! All of our locations were spread across Orlando so the car ride allowed plenty of time to learn about who these two are...and i feel like the pictures kind of depict their style and their personality! Let me know what you think!

they both have great eyes...i barely touched them up...eau natural.

this was at a little fruit/flower stand with beautiful colors..you can tell we are in florida by the outfit choices...and we were still sweating!

check out those freckles! i love em' harra!

this one is such a rock star photo...with those glasses and the dreads!

the orchids at this market were unbelievable...and so is Harra's engagement ring...so unique and colorful!

 this looks like a commercial for bubble tape...i love her eyes here!

this is one of my favorites from the session [above]

that's some real love! harra's three puppy dogs accompanied us through out the session! this was on the car ride from one location to another...they were getting some love.

 i love harra's hair with the brick and the blue! beautiful color combo!

another favorite! harra picked this location and i had never seen it but it has so much rugged elegance

the one above is so florida-looking to me. i like the palm tree reflections

 this dress was beautiful in real life but it also photographed so pretty...and i love this stance!

harra told me she had been picturing this one in her mind for a year...and i love how it turned out! another brilliant idea...

 i love the light here! i hope you guys enjoy them! happy engagement!