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Merry Christmas!! It is rainy and 80 in Orlando on Christmas's unique, but wonderful nonetheless. My family LOVES giving presents. I truly believe that every one of them would be satisfied if they never got a thing on Christmas as long as they got to go all out for everyone else. They got me great photo gear this year so i wanted to display it! I also made a little creation this Christmas and I wanted to post it to give an idea for a gift!

Anyone can do is just a bit time consuming! look close--can you see what it spells? ok you give up? It spells "Walberg" which is my sister and brother in laws' last name. I made one of these for a friend's wedding earlier this year and then i found out that they sell them on the internet! you can have them write anything you want...but it is really fun to make! It all started with the "r" above. I run by it is in a park by my house and i started thinking about looking for more letters to see if i could spell stuff...and here you have it! i am thinking about photographing all the letters of the alphabet whenever i see them so i can spell anything whenever i want to! You can buy a frame up to 36" long and it doesn't have to be custom made (so it isn't as expensive) but you will have to get a matte custom cut and you can do this at any framing store. This project forces you to be imaginitive...while on the look-out for letters. i loved doing it!

surpised? excited? mean?

 here is some of the stuff they got me. memory external hard drive to back up all my files, and this fun strap from etsy. i stumbled upon this talented artist/entrepreneur on-line. here is the website: It seems like she specializes in camera straps but they have tons of other stuff on here too-art and art supplies etc.

they also got me a shoot sac!! i had no idea! what a great surprise! These bags are expensive but worth it...or so i hear. i will let you know after i test it out on my own. it isn't really intended to be a camera bag on it's own but it is to take with you on a shoot so you can have lenses and memory cards...easy access. I can't wait to try it!