livin by the lights

I've been thinking about light all the time lately. Sitting in the airport in front of the windows, reading a book by the light of the christmas tree, the light that is shed from 8 candles on a birthday cake. I thought photography was taking me over when i was in constant pursuit of loactions for sessions and now it's lighting...all the time. It is so true that it reveals the beauty of the human eye--even the most complex camera cannot capture the beauty of light that we so often take for granted. I love trying to capture it through the's such a challenge. It's an equally beautiful thing to have the time to ponder things like this...on a wonderful WEEK LONG christmas break in Orlando! Livin' by the light is helps you notice the things that matter. I think this about Jesus Christ too. When it's not about you, things are so much more significant. I know this is a blog about photography and not philosophy on life so here are some pics from the first few days in Orlando!

introducing nina! i must confess i love taking pics of her like i do kids. they do such entertaining things.. not on purpose.

 nina is a fatty bulldog. my sister and brother in laws' fatty bulldog.

 my parents are so nice and they waited for me to decorate the tree...

happy birthday to glor! that's my mom...and her birthday waited for me to get home. december 21st!

 i like the reflection

this is kinda funny...this is some art work of mine that my parents are still disaplying. we had a dark room in one of the closets at my house and these are some of the pictures i took in high school on my parents' 1970's Honeywell Pentax SLR! i have always loved the art of photography...i am thankful that my family encouaged it!

ok, no more of nina! i love her tongue though!