the one

This was the fastest session ever! This family has it together! We waited for Josh to come home from college and we had exactly one day to get this done before he was gone again so Andrea and Scott and I took our lunch hour and did a snappy shoot. The "plus one" is Josh's girlfriend Lynne--who is beautiful and so sweet. They've been dating for three years so she is kinda like family. I enjoyed hanging out with you guys a ton...i hope you like them! 

 josh-sorry aboutthe other half of your head...

lynne you are so cute! beautiful eyes!

 i loved these huge lollipops

so good lookin and festive!

what a woman...

it's been raining in charlotte for 5 days straight...then yesterday it was 65 and sunny for an hour and a half and then it started raining again. we happened to be out at just the right time!!

 i love this one! this was at a christmas tree "farm" (in the parking lot)

they've been married for ten years today! i learned that just in time!

 i needed some mistletoe...but they only had wreaths!

merry christmas!