kourtney bridals

We had quite the adventure doing this shoot. We found some crazy locations and made some new friends to say the least. Kourtney could not be any easier to photograph. She has beautiful skin and she is comfortable and natural. You may have seen her and her cutie dog lucy posted on here a while back. I think Lucy would have loved to be invited to this photoshoot but we were going for a little more elegant this time. Kourtney is beautiful and i love her simple dress and style...see for yourself!

   the guys who "work" here told us that people stop all the time to take pictures because the colors are so wonderful. we just stumbled upon it...i do love it! 

kourtney brought other shoes for the pictures but since she is so tiny the dress was always covering her feet so she just wore the converse the whole time. wise decision! it is so nice not worrying where you have to go stomping around! 

this is one of my favorites-above!

 above is my favorite from the shoot i think...


 kourtney was well prepared with all kids of props and additional accessories...i love the scarf. 

notice she only has one flower left...i accidentally chopped off the other one's head on the journey down the railroad tracks.

 i love the sun here and how natural it is with her dress hiked up on the walk back...

i lied about the other one being my favorite...this is my all time favorite..maybe EVER...i love the lines-or the lack of lines. the curves and this was another natural one. this was seconds before we realized the train was actually coming and kourtney had wrapped the scarf around her becuase it was 45 degrees out. way to go kourt!

 this was out last location! we saw these doors and they were really classy and traditional so we went for a little different look here. 

 just beautiful! thanks kourtney!