taylor and courtney

Taylor and Courtney are getting married next October and their wedding sounds so unique and fun. They are both so creative and interesting-half the clothes on Courtney's body were made by her. She is brilliant and they are wonderful together! We took a little adventure around Charlotte and they were up for anything, which made it so fun and easy...not to mention they are both performers and are entirely comfortable with posing. They were workin' it! You may remember me mentioning a junky old house in a previous post...I was looking forward to taking engagement or couple pictures at it-and it was so fitting for taylor and courtney and their style. I hope you guys like them!

this is one of my favorites. i love the look on courtney's face and the way she's standing.

 another favorite...i love the expressions

 woo woooooo


courtney has beautiful eyes and skin...they photographed so well

 classic. these little squares of mini-art were attached to a chain link fence outside of an art museum. the color!

courtney's engagement ring. i love how unique it is.


this wasn't posed. we were all freezing to death and courtney was warming taylor's hands up...good woman!

 i didn't edit this to look so soft. it just did. eu naturaalll.

 another favorite. so happy.

 check out that leaf that is floating down...it looks like a tiny airplane

you guys were so wonderful. thanks!