Matthew is 2 years old and a brave little boy...he and his mom Kelly ventured into the unknown of another interesting photo site. This new site was a recent discovery that i saw in a drive by. It is an abandoned house but the yard is actually the great part. Tires, little pieces of free standing fence, shacks & sheds, broken tv's...We barely discovered much of it with Matthew...maybe couples or engagement pictures there one day-i hope! Kelly thought the location was fun and Matthew would have stayed all day! I enjoyed my time shooting Matthew and hanging out with Kelly-she is one of those fun moms who is easy going and playful and Matthew is Mr. affectionate. I hope you guys like them!

 this is matthew's sniff face...haha


 this is my favorite from the shoot

 mom and dad are rock climbers! he's a prodigy...

 you guys were great...thanks!