the weimer fam

The Weimer family was a blast. The girls were leaf obsessed and it made taking candid pictures so fun and easy. I loved watching them jump in a squeel. Ava is 3 1/2 and Grace is 1 1/2. Brandon and Kim were so laid back and yet prepared for anything. Even though this is the first time I have met them, I could tell they are wonderful parents. My sister and I have the same amount of years separating us as Ava and Grace do-and I remembered being just like Grace. The younger sibling always acts like they are confident in their wrecklessness, but then you catch them glancing over at the older one to make sure their wildness is being accepted. I tried to catch Grace in that moment...I think I did once! TheWeimer's were a joy! I hope you guys like your oh so fall photos!

i love this of Grace


beautiful eyes

dad's scratchy beard




this is the one where you can see Grace checking Ava out...I love it...and their cutie boots.


 i love her face in this one and the one above...oh i just want to squeeze those cheeks.