Images by Megan Gielow

Images by Megan Gielow

Hi. I'm Jenna Thomas. I'm married to a man that makes me the best version of myself and I am a mom of three.

I'm a wedding photographer in Orlando, Florida. 

I love costumes, word games, and surprises. 

I love to know a person really well and I love humility. I like cake more than pie. But cheese more than everything. I love winter and books. I like to write.

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology. I love the mind and the heart…and the way they make a person unique. I love to people watch. Sometimes to a fault.

I am 100% Italian. I think I have one of the greatest families around. My mom makes a mean meatball. I love family -- I love how real and forgiving it is. 

I have been taking pictures professionally since 2010, but my affinity for the art was born out of a homemade dark room crowded with used equipment. In the shadows of that dull red light I developed an attraction to the way a camera altered my perception of the world -- the way it gave a voice to the otherwise ordinary. And the way each moment could be recognized for its true uniqueness. I love how redemptive the art of photography is.

Weddings have become a great friend of mine. Truth is -- I don't naturally gravitate towards romance. I am not one of those wonderful people that just loves "love." But I do love exploring beautiful connections between people. I thrive on creating honest space for people to be themselves amidst the chaos of a wedding day. My favorite images are the ones that capture the raw and intimate moments -- the ones that make a person who they are. And that allow a bride and groom to remember how they felt on the day they gave their lives to each other.

If this sounds like something that suits your fancy, please contact me. There's nothing quite like receiving emails full of your stories -- and full of possibilities.